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Bed Bugs Keep on Returning

by Anonymous

Question: I moved into my new place and never knew what a bedbug was until..i started getting bites on myself.

i never knew what it was...and now that i know..omg, its so stressing me out.

It's going on the 3rd time for spraying..and all i can say does NOTHING....I'm a clean person...but for some reason, they are targeting me. I hate it. I'm so stressed over not sleeping, in case one is on me..feeding.

I'm not sure what i can do next...

Editor Suggestions Can't Ger Rid of Bed Bugs

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about the bed bug problem. It isn't unusual, even among professionals, for bed but treatment to take 2 to 3 attempts before you are successful.

For the reasons you describe, we always recommend the use of a professional bed bug exterminator. We always suggest calling a company like Terminix for a quote and treatment, particularly since they gaurantee results (800# 877.291.4849). I'ad also consider a firm that uses the Thermapure heat system, to super heat the affected room and eliminate bedbugs once and for all.

That said, we understand that many homeowners can't afford the $1000 plus for a bed bug professional. In these cases, we suggest the steps outlined on our guide to bed bug treatment.

Specifically, the use of bed bug spray alone is not enough, in most cases, to get rid of bed bugs. Major components include:

1. Vacuuming of the room, cracks and all seams, to pick up live bed bugs.
2. Mattress safe bed bug spray to kill any bed bugs on contact and their eggs.
3. Steaming using a hand steamer of all cracks/crevices to use heat to kill bed bugs and eggs.
4. A spray that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks in addition to the mattress safe spray.
5. Zippered covers for use after treatment for both the mattress and the box spring to trap any bed bugs and their eggs you might have missed.
6. Washing in hot water followed by the dryer all blankets sheets and washables.
7. Treating all furniture, at minimum that near the bed.
8. Disposing of all electronics next to the bed (or placement in a sealed container for at least a year).
9. The use of bed bug dust in cracks, crevices and inside the box spring.

You get the idea. Every inch of the room needs to be treated with the appropriate product. I suggest that you purchase a Bed Bug Kit that provides a collection of items needed at a lower cost than if you bought each individually.

Best of luck and we hope your bed bug problem ends soon.

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