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Bed Bugs in Hair

by Theresa
(San Diego)

I rented my motel room,took a nap straight away. Woke and got dinner back to the motel to shower. Then laid on the bed to read and saw a bed bug crawl across my sleeve and then found one in my hair. Both approx. Stage 3.

Can adults lay eggs in hair? Will showering get all stages of bug out immediately? I immediately washed all clothes and bags that were in the room in hot soapy water and put through the dry cycle twice. Can I still be infested? I didn't see any adults. Is it possible there were none? Help I'm worried!

Editor Comment

Hi Theresa,

Bed bugs will not lay eggs in your hair. You were smart to wash all clothes followed by time in the dryer. If you were careful and didn't drop any in your home when putting clothes into the washing machine you should be in good shape.

Best of luck,


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