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Staying in a Bed Bug Hotel - 5 Ways To Inspect Your Room

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We can’t always check in advance the hotel we’re planning to stay in. For instance, when you’re driving across the country, you might just pull over at the nearest hotel to get some rest.

If we haven’t learned more about the hotel in question beforehand, it could hide some unwanted surprises. Bed bugs and other critters often dwell in facilities visited by many people in a short interval. Hotels belong to this category.

So, we’ve prepared the five ways to inspect your room if you happen to stay in a suspicious hotel, insects-wise.

1) Check the Mattress and Bedsheets

The bed sheets and mattresses are the first line of defense against bed bugs.

So, remove the cover from the bed and check the bedsheets. Use a flashlight, or the light on your cell phone if you don’t have one. If the hotel doesn’t look too clean in the first place, look under the sheets and closely monitor the mattress. You should be able to see the casings of dead bugs if there are any bed bugs in the room. If you spot any dark, brownish spots on the mattress or the sheets, it means that the bugs have been here recently (or that the staff didn’t wash or replace the sheets). Either way, call the receptionist to move you to another, bug-free room and to call a bed bug exterminator.

2) Inspect the Blankets

In addition to the mattress and the sheets, bed bugs love to dwell on blankets. The moment you get into the room, remove all the blankets from the bed, fold them, and take them to the balcony. Shake the blankets to make sure any undesired creatures fall off.

Also, check if there are any blankets, sheets, or other covers in the closet and any other cabinets near the bed. These insects like to mark their territory around the bed, as well, especially in dark cabinets and closets.

3) Look Around the Bed

If there are bed bugs in the bed, there will be their exoskeletons and other remains laying around. Even if the room is regularly vacuumed and cleaned, there are always traces of their presence.

So, don’t be lazy and look under/around the bed. Adult bed bugs and their shells are clearly visible, so you won’t have any trouble spotting them.

It’s important not to contaminate your luggage and clothes in case there are bed bugs in the room, as well. Put the suitcases and all other bags you have on the balcony or into the bathroom. Due to the conditions there, bugs usually won’t stay in the bathroom, so it’s a safe haven for your luggage.

4) Clean the Closet (s)

Once you’ve checked the bed surroundings and taken out all the covers, blankets, and sheets from the closet, clean the inside of it, using eco-friendly cleaners. You can get the ingredients, such as baking soda or vinegar at the local store.

If there are several closets in the room, repeat the routine.

Removing and cleaning the sheets and blankets will be useless if you don’t decontaminate their containers, as well.

5) Wipe Any Upholstered Furniture

Many hotel rooms have upholstered chairs and armchairs. Bed bugs typically spread from the bed to such items.

Therefore, meticulously inspect all the upholstered pieces to see if there are any traces of dead bugs or their feces.

Either way, take a wet wipe and clean all such furniture items. That’s the only way to be sure the furniture is clean and free from any potential insects’ remains.

The tips shared above are to be used only in case of an emergency. We hope that you won’t need them and that you’ll always double-check the hotel you’re going to stay in. However, if you happen to book a hotel unpreparedly, use our tips to identify bed bugs on time and have a pleasant stay.

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