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"There are many resources available for the growing bed bug problem in Baltimore. Given the growing problem the Baltimore Department of Health has put together a coordinated response. Read below to find all the resources and information needed to solve or learn about your bed bug issue. "Baltimore had spent three years in the top spot before falling to No. 2 this year, Orkin said."

Government Resources

On August 20, 2009, the City of Baltimore through the Baltimore City Health Department Healthy Homes Division, Lead, Asthma & Injury Prevention Bureau has released a Bed Bugs Response plan. The city has outlined several steps to help fight the bedbug problem:

  1. Establishment of an inspection and enforcement program.
  2. Expanding public health education on bed bugs.
  3. Support of the Housing Authority's bed bug response.
  4. Providing national leadership on the bed bug control issue.

The City of Baltimore Bed Bug response plan can be accessed at here.

If you have a Bed Bugs Baltimore problem, and live in the City of Baltimore, dial the free 311 service. The Baltimore City Health Department will send an inspector as part of their "Healthy Homes" initiative. This service is FREE and will confirm that you in fact have a bed bug problem. They will also provide advice on how to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Renters of single family homes are responsible for the bed bugs and should call 311 for help.

If you live in an apartment, contact the building's landlord in writing.  they have an obligation to treat for bedbugs.

Often bed bugs are brought into an apartment building by visitors or when a a used mattress or furniture is picked up from the street. Even rented furniture has been known to carry some risk or a new mattress that arrived on a truck that is also transporting older mattresses. Bed bugs do not appear because a person has clutter or isn't clean. They either travel from an adjoining apartment, or are carried into a household.

The Maryland Attorney General's office has a hotline for Landlord and Tenant rights issues. The hot line number is toll-free (800) 487-6007.

You can also review the Baltimore City Health Department Bed bugs Baltimore  information website.

Bed Bug Advice for Baltimore Tenants - What to do

If you cannot afford Bed Bug treatment and or you are a tenant that has requested bed bug treatment in writing (must be in a dated later sent registered mail), and have not gotten a bed bug inspection or treatment, we suggest:

  1. Calling the Attorney General's office number for help and advice. If you are still not satisfied then...

  2. Contact a local firm such as "Whitney & Boris" to see if they will handle your case on contingency, which means that they will get a percentage of the settlement.

  3. As an alternative, if you are a low income resident, you can contact Maryland Legal aid for assistance.

    Do not navigate the law without the help of an attorney.

Baltimore Bed Bugs Lawsuits

On October 17, 2011, the first bed bug tenant negligence lawsuit was fought and won in Baltimore. In this case, a tenant won $40,000 by suing a landlord that waited 48 days to treat an apartment after notification by a tenant. The tenant lived in the Hunting Hills apartments (4700 Sayer Avenue) and made the claim while a resident from 2/2009 to 2/2010.  The attorney was Daniel Whitney from the Tow son, MD law firm of Whitney & Boris LL.

Bed Bug Advice for Baltimore HomeOwners

The best approach is to call in an experienced pest control expert in your local Baltimore area. Bed bug populations grow rapidly, and as they spread they could become more expensive to treat. We suggest starting by calling or a national network such as Home Advisor or visiting them online. Members of the network are per-screened, licensed and insured.

So don't wait. We also have a list of pest control companies that are specifically qualified to treat bed bugs. 

Follow this link to find a qualified local bed bug exterminator near you. Please keep in mind that if the bed bugs are not treated correctly, insects missed will begin to multiply and the problem will return. Don't use a pest control company unless they have extensive experience treating bed bugs.

Tip: Be sure to ask about any costs, and ask if they provide a written guarantee as multiple treatments (2 to 3) are often needed.  

Do It Yourself Treatment Advice

Some homeowners prefer a do it yourself approach to bed bug treatment. This will work, although be prepared for some hard work.

DIY bed bug kits are available all over, some contain organic products (Bed Bug Patrol) or you can buy an insecticide based bed bug kit. The choice is a matter of preference. A kit is the best way to go as they provide the combination of products required to effectively end the infestation. No single spray alone will do the job. At minimum, be sure to purchase a knock down or contact spray which kills bed bugs on contact, and a residual spray that provides lasting protection. Kits also contain bed bug dust (also called diatomaceous earth or fossil dust) which is applied after spray treatment to provide another layer of protection.

It can take an entire day to do the job right. If bed bugs reappear after 2 to 3 treatments, consider hiring a professional. Visit our "how to kill bedbugs" page for step by step directions on elimination.

Do not use foggers or bug bombs as these are not effective against bed bugs Baltimore problems. They just drive the bed bugs into the walls, only to have them return in 1 to 2 weeks.

Local Bed Bugs Baltimore News

"Bed Bug City?’ These are the worst spots for bedbugs, pest control company reports" - USA Today

"Whitney, LLP: Landlords feel the financial pain of Bed Bug bites" - PR NewsWire

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