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Bed bugs alive in plastic bags for how long??

by Jeannie
(Portland, OR.)

I am trying to find out how long bedbugs, and eggs, can live inside of the plastic bag where I have placed any non-fabric items, that have not first been sprayed or otherwise treated.

I have 'bagged' books, dolls, and misc. items that can't be laundered, in plastic bags, as I was told
to do. What no one told me is just how long these things must remain in plastic bags before I can
be sure that I won't re-infest the apt. when I return the books, etc. to the shelves.

Please, if anyone knows the answer... and, it's an answer that has come from an 'expert' on the whole Bed bug nightmare. I, and many others will sooo appreciate your help. It's been
5 months already, but I will not take these things out of the bags without the assurance that any bed bug that may have been in there, is dead.

Editor Suggestion

Hi Jeannie,

Bed bugs can live for up to 1 year without feeding. Bed Bug eggs hatch in about 6 to 10 days. For this reason, we suggest waiting about 12 months before taking any items out of the bags.

To speed along the process you could purchase a Thermal Strike portable heat chamber (they cost about $299.) You place items into the heater and remove them bed bug free about 2 hours. It is worth the investment if this is a constant problem or if you frequently travel and want to treat suitcases when returning home.

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