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Bed Bug Steaming after Exterminator

by Annette
(St Catharines, On. Canada)

How soon after an exterminator has been here can I use steam and powder? I don't want to spray steam on anything if it's going to reactivate the poison that I will be breathing in unprotected.

Editor Suggestions Regarding Steaming After Bed Bug Extermination

Hi Annete,

I'd suggest calling your exterminator for two reasons. First is safety. The exterminator is in the best position to check the manufacturer recommendations of any chemicals that were used. Many bed bug sprays are formulated to remain active for several weeks after application in order to provide lasting protection. Steam can cause insecticides to become airborne (vaporize), so it pays to err on the side of caution.

Second, steaming on your own may cancel any guarantees that the extermination company provides. The reason is the the steam might cause the applied bed bug pesticides to be less effective. In terms of dust, the steam will absolutely disturb any dust fields.

Here's a helpful video on steaming bed bugs:

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