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Bed Bug Nymphs In Our Apartment

by Gary


I have been suffering with bed bugs in my apartment for quite a while. I demanded that the landlord send an exterminator, which they did. He came 3 times, and apparently used 3 different products. First visit I had to evacuate the apartment for 5 hours. I have not seen adult bedbugs in quite a long time. Before his 3rd visit, I was asked to put samples of bugs in a bottle for analysis.

I was only able to put their black droppings which were found on a sheet, in a bottle. I showed them these and he said, well, these aren't bedbugs, so you no longer have bugs. But will do one last treatment anyway.

It has been 3 weeks since the last treatment. I have been vacuuming religiously I now have just a few slight bites while in bed, though I see no bedbugs. I think they must be nymphs (baby bed bugs). I see one or two black dots on the sheet, and only saw blood spots once. Recently I saw two spots 3 days ago.

Are they dying off. If I ask the landlord, I know he will say that the PCO said they were all gone. How can I get rid of what is left? I have heard many stories about diatomacious earth. I wonder if I should try it (and where can I get it in Montreal). A

Any Advice?

Editor Suggestions

You mention a few problems in your apartment.

Are the bed bugs gone? The best way to determine if they are gone is to purchase an inexpensive trap called a climbup interceptor. One goes under each bed leg and will trap the bed bugs. You can then take any bed bugs caught in the trap to the landlord.

2) Are the bed bugs dying off? If proper treatment methods are used, then the exterminator would have used a product such as Phantom spray which kills bed bugs for several weeks. If only a contact killer was used, then there is no residual effect. My guess is that they did not apply something that has longer term bed bug killing power, so the infestation is probably growing again.

3) Where Can You Get Diatomaceous Earth? The product diatomaceous earth (also called bed bug dust) is a natural product that is available in garden stores and in some food stores. You can also buy it online here. Some dust products contain an insecticide as well as the diatomaceous earth. You use a duster (use some type of mouth covering to avoid breathing it in) to spread a thin layer in cracks and crevices.

Note that no matter what you do, if there are other adjacent apartments with a bed bug problem, the a reinfestation will occur. I'd suggest contacting your local health department and see if they can help with the landlord. In the town of Montreal you can call 311 to lodge a complaint.

Best of luck,


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