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Bed Bug Mental Illness is Real

by Patricia Arana
(San Jose Ca)

After moving into a new apartment I found that it was infested with bedbugs. I didn't know what was wrong with me I have never seen a bedbug before in my life.

My husband thought i was paranoid and high off drugs. I began to have anxiety attacks , my blood pressure was way high. I felt as though something was crawling on me all the time. I cleaned everything over and over again. I had trouble sleeping even to the point of feeling like something was crawling on my bed spread as I covered myself with it, I felt things crawling in my hair.( this where it gets weird ) I also felt the creatures pulling at my diamond ring the smell of the bugs is sickening. Whenever I went out in public I could smell them all over my clothes and other people could too. I felt embarrassed and low finally I could feel my bed shaking. The mental illness part of this is very real no one should have to go through this miserable feeling again.

Editor Comment on Bed Bug Mental Illness

Hi Patricia,

We are so sorry to hear about your bed bug related mental illness. We hope you were able to see a therapist who could assist with this problem. All that matters is that this is real to you.



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