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Bed Bug Bites In a Multi Unit Apartment Story

by Dennis Lambo
(Hamilton Ontario Canada)

Bed Bug Bites on Body

Bed Bug Bites on Body

Well...for you that have contracted bed bugs I am sympathetic to you.I wasted 8 months at my apartment. Slept on the balcony for 4 months.

Ended up in the hospital and the Internist thought I had an allergic reaction to an anti biotic. Stupid! They put me on prednisone. High dose 40mg. Ended up sick from that. Finally found the cause of the rash all over my body when I saw and researched the stinking bloodsucking buggers.

Anyway management sprayed 5 times. I sprayed 6 times with domestic spray that contained .3% pyrethrin.

I am moving out of here to an uninfested building. Hope I do not have even one lurking in something.

I am going to order Onslaught from the US to spray on my own. It is not available in Canada but I have a friend that goes to Buffalo every week to visit a friend to which I will have the product shipped.

Good luck to all of you.

I have not seen any sign of the bugs for over a month. No bites and no sign.

Take care,

Dennis Lambo

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