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Baltimore Bed Bugs Glen Manor Apartments

(Glen Manor apartmants essex, Md)

We live in Baltimore Maryland in an apartment complex called GlenManor in essex maryland to be exact. Please be advised these apartments are infested with bed bugs.

Eighty five percent of the building are infested and the complex knew this as they were letting new tenants move in and out , along with tranfering tenants infested to different buildings causing the spread of these disgusting creatures.

They brought in a dog to sniff but because there are so many and it is so expensive and slow at trying to remedy this problem they have been moving from apartment to apartment. I have no idea what to do. I have been living here for over ten years and have ten years worth of stuff now.

I'm so afraid I have to throw it all away. There needs to to a law that all apartments before moving in must be inspected and that landlords need to be held responsiable for any losses due to there ill regard to there tenants.

Editor Suggestions Baltimore Bed Bug Problem


Thanks for your note. Your story shows that Baltimore needs better laws to protect tenants, with clear penalties if landlords do not act within a specified time frame. Note that the law does provide some protection as described below.

You have two problems, getting the treatment required to eliminate bed bugs from the building and protection of your belongings.

As you point out, the best approach is an aggressive building wide building plan where either heat or foggers/insectides are used to treat the entire building. Heat is preferred as it is 100% effective and chemical free.

I'd suggest that you start by understanding your rights as a tenant. There are a few resources available that can be accessed on our guide to Baltimore Bed Bugs. Specifically, contact the Maryland attorney generals office and the Baltimore department of health.

Be sure that all inspection and
treatment requests to the Glen Manor Apartment management company are sent in writing in a dated letter. Ask that all adjacent apartments are inspected, and that a written report be provided (apartments next door, below and above yours). If you haven't made a formal request, do so now. Send the letter return receipt requested so there is a legal record of the notification.

If necessary, contact a lawyer to organize tenants into a rent strike where rent is placed into escrow until treatment is received. Don't do this without a lawyer to avoid eviction and to make sure you abide by Baltimore County law.

In general, landlords have 30 days to correct a situation after notification (although this isn't set in stone). Also, based on my understanding of the law in your area, if bed bugs are in multiple units, the landlord is responsible for treatment.

"Rat proofing and pest extermination: Where infestation occurs in the shared or public areas or in 2 or more dwelling units in a building, the owner is responsible for extermination of rats, insects, or other pests."

Again, I'd suggest organizing tenants, hiring an attorney and forcing the building manager to do what is necessary to fix the situation.

If you can move to another complex, so do with a mover that has heat chambered moving trucks. Your belongings will be loaded into the truck and then then heat will be used to kill all bed bugs and eggs by heating the storage area of the truck. This is 100% effective, chemical free and will not have to dispose of any items. Note that heat is not good for electronics.

Check with your television and computer manufacturer to see if these can be treated at high temperatures (about 120F). If not, either seal in a plastic container for 14 months, or dispose of the items. Everything else can be treated.

Best of luck with this Baltimore Bed Bug problem.

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Jan 24, 2014
The Real Facts about Bed Bugs at Glen Manor
by: Anonymous

I have lived at Glen Manor for many years as well and I can tell you that your information is totally false. First of all, there is no way that 85% of residents in Glen Manor have bed bugs. If you're going to state something like that, please have the facts to back it up. I know that 214 people in the community did not say they had bed bugs because the community doesn't have that many people in it right now due to the construction, and even if there was that many people, there is no way that 214 people would admit that they have bed bugs!

The fact is that bed bugs are in every apartment community in every city in every state of probably every country! It happens everywhere. People just don't talk about it. I can't speak for everywhere else, but I know the ladies at the office and I know that the apartments at Glen Manor are inspected for bed bugs when people move in and out of the apartments, and they are treated if necessary with no delay. And they do not transfer residents with bed bugs!!! The office doesn't charge the resident to treat the problem; they don't even give the resident a hard time or make them feel embarrassed about it. They do all this for the resident for free. All they have to do is complete the preparations for the treatment. And the company even pays for the chemical treatments as well as the ridiculously expensive heat treatments that were mentioned in this blog

Bed bugs are bought into the apartments by the resident; the rental office does not hand them out like candy. The resident would have to come into contact with somebody that has them and then bring them into their apartment. It's not like roaches or termites.

It is our responsibility to make sure we do not get bed bugs by paying attention to where we go, where we are, who we hang out with... Bed bugs can be found on buses, movie theaters, college dorms, hotels... they are everywhere! In the future, do not make accusations that you can't back up.

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