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Is Bed Bug Treatment Landlord Harassment

by Nicola
(san francisco)

My landlord wants to spray my apartment even though I do not have bedbugs. I see his actions as harassment.

What shall I do?

Kind regards,


Editor Suggestion

Dear Nicola,

Your landlord's request is not unusual, and should be welcomed by you. Although it is inconvenient to have your home sprayed for bed bugs, it is necessary if any neighbor next door, above or below your apartment has the problem.

The reason is that bed bugs travel through apartment walls. Plus bed bug populations quickly grow. The key to stopping infestations is to act fast. Also, sometimes you have bed bugs but don't realize it, such as when no one in the home is allergic to the bites.

If homeowners refuse treatment, it's possible that the bed bug problem in the building will get out of hand, so if you don't have them now, you will.

I'd also be thankful that the landlord isn't charging for this service, as in most areas they can ask tenants to pay.

The only option for stopping treatment is to determine your rights. This is easy to do. Just contact your local attorney generals office (usually at the state or city level) and ask about your rights. Most of these offices are listed on our local bed bug resources page.

Best of Luck,


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