Hire a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

by Barbra
(Rosevill California)

Well it all started when I spent the night at my cousins house and got some kind of a bug bite. The next morning it was super red and a little itchy. I didn't know what it was but I wasn't too concerned because i thought maybe its a mosquito or spider bite.

So I went home and went to bed, then a few weeks later every morning I kept waking up with more and more bites and then I started to worry. So that was when i decided to tell my mom and she went to check my bed.

She found baby,adult,fed,and unfed bed bugs everywhere!!!!!!!!! So we called pest control and they came and checked it out. They said that we definitely had a bad case of bedbugs and recommended that we see a licensed bed bug professional. It worked and we've never had them since.

After all that we decided to tell my cousin and they did the same. So if you have bed bugs I really recommend you see a licensed bedbug professional ,because it will be easier then trying to do it yourself and might even save you money because you wont have to buy all new property.

Editor Comment Regarding Bed Bug Exterminators

Hi Barbra,

Thank you for sharing your bed bug story. We couldn't agree more with the advice to call a bed bug exterminator. We always recommend calling a 2 or 3 companies in your area since treatment can be expensive and different companies have varying levels of experience.

We recommend starting with a call to Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) since they only accept licensed and insured exterminators into their network. They also provide callers up to 3 free bed bug quotes, a way to save money.

Anyone can also search our database of bed bug exterminators. This page also has a list of questions you should ask including:

1. Will the bedbug exterminator provide a treatment gaurantee? This is important as it usually takes 2 to 3 treatments to get rid of a bed bug problem.

2. What equipment do they use (chemicals, sprays, carbon dioxide which is a freezing spray, heat)

3. Do they have a bed bug sniffing dog?

4. Do they have a heat chamber to treat household items?

5. Experience with bed bugs in your area?

Thanks again for sharing your bed bug extermination story.

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