Found a Bed Bug, What Do I Do

by Karen
(Corbin, KY)

Bed Bug Compared to a Swallow Bug.  Other insects look like bed bugs so owners should seek out a professional identification before treatment.

Bed Bug Compared to a Swallow Bug. Other insects look like bed bugs so owners should seek out a professional identification before treatment.

I had noticed a couple spots on my ankle that were fairly close together like a straight line that had a very intense itch. For some reason I checked my mattress in my bedroom and noticed a small bug hiding under the seam part of the bed ruffle.

I immediately put the bug in a jar and started researching it online. BED BUG !!! My question is... What do I do to get rid of these pesky little critters?

I have however checked out the rest of the beds in the house and my sofa etc and have only found them in my bedroom. I am no longer sleeping in there but I am not sure if they will venture outside my room, how fast they will multiply or spread.

One person told me to turn the heat up really high, but I don't have a furnace type heating system in my home, I heat that room with a little electric heater that probably would not be hot enough anyway. So I need to get rid of my bed?

Can you please help me quickly with some answers before the problem gets far beyond any control.

Thank you

Editor Suggestion, What To Do When You Find a Bed Bug

Hi Karen,

Here are a few steps to take when you find a bed bug.

1) First, make sure you actually have a bed bug. Other insects look like bed bugs such as small roaches and some types of beetles. There are a few ways to identify an insect. The easiest is
to call your local USDA cooperative extension office if in the U.S. If outside of the U.S., call a local University or department of health and ask if they offer an insect identification service. If you rent an apartment, call the building manager. Professional exterminators such as those that are part of the Service Magic network offer free quotes, which depends on them identifying the insect.

2) Once you confirm that you have bed bugs, you need to act quickly. A pregnant female can give birth to 500 baby bed bugs a year. She will lay 2 to 3 eggs every day. You choice at this point is to treat yourself using a bed bug kit or calling in a professional. You can either contact Service Magic for up to 3 free quotes or search our list of experienced bed bug professionals. This page also includes questions to ask an exterminator such as treatment methods and guarantees provided (most professionals require 2 to 3 treatments to rid a home of a bed bug problem).

Here's a helpful video on the components of a bed bug kit. You must be this thorough if taking a do it yourself approach. No one spray or product will do the job.

3. Turning up the heat does not kill bed bugs. Heat needs to be at 120 degrees in order to penetrate walls and household furniture such as a mattress or dresser drawers. This type of heat needs to be applied by a professional.

See our page that provides step by step bed bug treatment instructions.

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