Don't blame the liberal's for bed bugs

These things became immune to the chemicals that very effectively treated them in the forties and fifties. Now they have evolved to have a very hard shell. Kill them by freezing them with white alcohol. It has worked for me for over a year. Also: hot air from blow dryer, cedar oil, and perhaps other chemicals that 'freeze them'. Forget the exterminators, they love humid air. Alcohol and cedar oil work, and no, the liberals do not love bed bugs, nor is it their faults that these things are epidemic; blame that on natural evolution or immunity to chemicals; whatever you choose to call it.

Editor Comment

Thanks for your note. First, getting rid of bed bugs is tough. I always recommend an exterminator such as a member of the Service Magic network (they pre-screen contractors and provide free quotes).

There are several mechanical methods that will help to reduce the size of the bed bug population. This includes use of a vacuum (can suck up bed bugs, but not eggs), and a hand steamer. As you correctly note, a hair dryer, held over a section of the bed for 30 seconds, will generate enough heat to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

While alcohol alone will have some effect, better to use a proven alcohol/insecticide mixture such as Sterifab. This particular product was tested by the University of Kentucky against the most resistant bed bugs. It is an excellent knock down (to reduce bed bug population). It is mattress safe and a good low cost option.

This should be combined with the use of a thin layer of bed bug powder (also called fossil dust) and a residual spray such as Phantom. Also, all sheets/linens should be washed in hot water, and every inch of the room should be inspected.

You can find Bed Bug Treatment instructions here.

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