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Bed Bugs are Killing my Brother

by Barbara Schaller-Mason
(San Francisco)

My brother is disabled with diabetes and he lives in a SRO Hotel in San francisco ca. He has been having problems with bed bugs for almost 1 year if not longer. I have spoken with his landlord about the issue of bed bugs and his health condition and finally after 4 months they moved him to another room. And guess what that new room is worse then his old room. Last week she told me she was going to move him temporarily to another room and treat his room with spray and a bomb. I told her that would not work. but she hasn't bothered to move him.

My brother has lost alot of weight and he has gotten so sick he had to be hospitalized. I have photos of what his body looks like. If something doesn't happen soon with this landlord and the bedbug issue I'm scared I'm going to loose my brother.

I can't download the photos right now because I don't have a USB cord for my camera to download to my computer, but i will get one tomorrow and send it to you.

Editor Note Bed Bugs in San Francisco SRO Hotel

Dear Barbara,

So sorry to hear about your brother's bed bug problems. You are correct that a bed bug bomb will not help the bed bugs. Instead, it will drive bed bugs into the walls making the infestation even harder to treat.

As a suggestion I'd contact both the San Francisco Department of Health by calling (415) 252-3800 or go to their office at 1390 Market St., Suite 210, S.F., CA 94102. I'd also see if you can determine which brand of government regulates SRO facilities. I'd contact them as well with a written and dated complaint.

It sounds like the facility has a large scale infestation that needs to be treated by a professional exterminator that has experience with these types of buildings.

Best of luck.


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