Bed Bugs Apartment Building Treatment

by Charles
(Saint John, NB)

If you have a 100 units in a building and 9 of those units have it best to clear building and do all the units to be rid of problem.

Bed Bugs apartment building treatment

An exterminator who inspects the building with a bed bug sniffing dog would be in the best position to answer the question. It depends on how far bed bugs moved through the walls. In general, they will not move more than 100 ft. side to side, up or down from the outermost infested apartment you find.

Said another way, bed bugs will travel to the side, up and down from the infested apartment. So at minimum, all apartments that surround the apartment with the bed bugs problem should be inspected and if bed bugs are found treated.

You also need to take into consideration the treatment method. For example, the use of foggers may cause bed bugs to scatter, move deeper into the walls and thereby cause a problem in more apartments.

I'd suggest consulting with a professional who has inspected your building and could provide in answer that takes into account the treatment methods that are going to be used, and access to those places where bed bugs can potentially hide. They can also judge the size of the infestation and how complicated it will be to remove.

Please keep us up to date on the bed bugs apartment treatment.

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