Bed Bug Bite Photos

" Bed bug bite photos are one of the ways an individual can determine if they have a bedbug problem. Bites alone cannot be the only sign, as they are difficult to distinguish from bites caused by other insects and from skin allergy. A key point of difference is that bed bug bites have a clear center while mosquito and flea bites are red at the center. Bed bug bite reactions differ between people, with the majority of people showing no skin reaction at all. Bedbug bites also vary based on an individuals allergic response and differences in the length of time between the bite and the bite skin reaction. "  

Bed Bug Bite Photos

Bed Bug bites are not actually a bite, but a skin puncture from a sharp hollow stylet located on the bedbug's head.

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bug Bite Photos: Biting Skin
Photo: Piotr Naskrecki

A bed bug will feed for 3 to 10 minutes on a human host. When it is done taking a blood meal, it will move back to its hiding place. During the feeding process, the bed bug will inject proteins into the skin that cause allergic individuals to have some type of allergic reaction.

It is estimated that about 70% of the population shows no skin reaction at all, which is why two individuals sleeping in the same bed can have completely different reactions, with one person showing no reaction and the other showing a bed bug rash, small round red skin papules or bumps or in severe cases even skin blisters.

Most often, bed bug bites will appear in areas that are exposed during sleep.  This includes the face, neck, arms, hands and lower legs.

bed bug bite photo
Bed Bug Feeding on Hand

Reactions can occur immediately or as late at 14 days later. Most bed bug bite skin reactions will go away on their own in 3 to 5 days. Beyond some type of skin inflammation, itch is the most pronounced symptom. To treat itch either buy an over the counter oatmeal based itch cream such as Aveeno.  Another option is All Stop and ProEcza which are specifically formulated to hep with bed bug itch. They also contain an Antimicrobial - Antiseptic to help avoid infection.

Mild Bed Bug Bite Skin Reactions

These bed bug bite photos show a mild skin reaction.  They occur within an hour of being bitten.

bed bug bite photos

Bed Bug Bite Photo - Immediate Bedbug Bite Reaction

bed bug bite photos
Picture Mild Bed Bugs Bites

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bug Bite on Hand

Bed Bug Bites Wheal Reactions

Some individuals have a more pronounced skin reaction called a wheal.. This is a circular raised area.  It is also referred to as a bed bug rash.

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bug Bite Wheal Reaction

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bug Bite Wheal Reaction

Clusters of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are often seen in groups or patterns.  it is possible to have a single bite, particularly during the early stages of an infestation.  Patterns often occur when a part of the body is resting near an area where bed bugs are hiding, such as the seam of a mattress.

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bugs Bites - Cluster of Bites on Leg

bed bug bite photos
Row of Bed Bug Bites on Leg Probably Caused by Leg Leaning on a Bed Seam Where Bed bugs are in Hiding

Bed Bug Bite Photos of Blister Reactions

In highly allergic individuals, which is a small number of people, bed bug bites can lead to a skin blister reaction as shown below:

bed bug bite photos
Bed Bug Bite Blister Reaction

bed bug bite photos
Blisters From a Bed Bugs Bites

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