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" Bed bugs Connecticut was the subject of a forum conducted by Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Over 180 people met to discuss how to coordinate efforts to fight the increasing numbers of bed bug infestations in that State.  This site provides the local government bedbug resources and information needed to fight this problem if you live in the State of Connecticut. Recent reports of bedbugs include an infestation in the Stamford schools"  

Like other regions in the United States and around the world, the number of Bed Bug related incidents and complaints is on the rise.  

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Connecticut

You can either hire a professional bed bug exterminator (see list below) or for smaller infestations you can try and kill the bed bugs yourself.  We suggest purchasing a kit that comes with the needed chemicals, steamer, mattress covers and instructions such as the one offered by  Dermisil (organic) or Bed Bug Supply (insecticide).

For step by step instructions see our guide to  how to kill bed bugs.  A brief summary is as follows:

1. Vacuum - bed bugs can be picked up with a vacuum. Use the crevice tool around the baseboards, inside furniture and around the mattress, box spring and bed frame. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately after cleaning outside of the home.

2. Launder - Wash all blankets, linen, bed covers and clothes in hot water and then dry on high heat for 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Fill Cracks and Crevices - Bed bugs look for spaces in floors and at the edge of walls to hide.

4. Treat Mattress and Box Spring:  If you have a hand steamer, steam all seams and tufts of the mattress and box spring. Afterward, treat the mattress with a mattress safe bed bug spray such as Sterifab.  

5. Treat the Bed Frame, Head Board, Baseboards and Adjacent Furniture: Use a knock down spray such as the Sterifab, which kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs on contact, followed by the use of a residual spray, such as Phantom, that provides killing protection for several weeks.  This is important, as bed bugs and bed bug eggs are very easy to miss during treatment.  

Empty any objects from drawers and wash, treat or dispose of items.  Remove drawers and treat the drawers (under and inside) and inside the furniture itself with both sprays.

6. Reduce Clutter - Bed bugs can hide in newspapers, between the pages of magazines etc.

7. Steam Treatment - Use a hand steamer to kill bed bug eggs and bed bugs that are in cracks in the floor.  You can steam first, then follow with the use of the knock down spray, followed by the residual spray.

8. Encase Mattress and Box Spring - There is no need to throw away a mattress.  Buy a mattress and box spring cover that states it protects against bed bugs such as the AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement. Covering both are important as it is possible for more bed bugs to be hidden in the box spring. Do not put cases on until all sprays and steam dry to avoid mold.

9. Use Bed Bug Traps: As an extra step, place bed bug traps such as Climbup Interceptors under each bed leg.  Empty traps after 2 to 3 weeks, means that the bed bug infestation is gone.

Bed Bug Pesticides Licensed in Connecticut

Bed Bug insecticides for use on surfaces other than mattresses:

  • lambda-cyhalothrin
  • permethrin
  • (s)-hydroprene
  • cyfluthrin
  • bifenthrin
  • fenvalerate
  • propoxur

Insecticides for Control of Bed Bugs on Mattresses:

  • deltamethrin
  • cyfluthrin
  • silica
  • ground limestone
  • permethrin
  • pyrethrins
  • d-phenothrin
  • alcohols
Be sure to check with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection for the latest listings.

Given the high level of bed bug resistance to insecticides in the NorthEast, we suggest using products that are still 100% effective as verified in this University of Kentucky study (pdf download).  We suggest using the knock down or contact spray Sterifab (pump spray) or Bedlam (aerosol) and for lasting protection, we suggest using Phantom.

Bed Bugs Connecticut - News Stories

A Bite in the Night: Bed Bug Facts
- The Hartford Courant

Bed Bugs Found in Stamford Schools
- (12/4/10)

BedBugs Connecticut Government Resources

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station - Fact Sheets and Research on Bed Bugs

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
-  to check on the license of a bedbug exterminator.

Connecticut Department of Health - Information on bed bugs Connecticut

Homeowners Guide to Bed Bugs Connecticut (pdf download)

City of Stamford Bed Bugs Information

Stamford Bed Bugs Fact Sheet (PDF download)

Stamford Connecticut Bed Bugs Description (PDF Download)

Stamford Bed Bug Tips (PDF Download)

Connecticut Bed Bug Pest Control Companies

When hiring a pest control company to fight bed bugs hire an experienced will known bed bugs Connecticut company and ask if how often they work on your type of problem.  Experienced pest control experts will know where to look in the home and will have both the chemical and chemical free products needed.  

Hiring a bed bug exterminator can be expensive.  An in-home inspection often costs $100 or more plus $1,000 or more for the bedbug treatment itself.  Because of the high cost, a good place to start is to contact Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) since it is a network of pre-screened local exterminators.  They will provide up to 4 free quotes.

To find Connecticut pest control expert  you can also check consumer ratings  on Angies List.

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