Anyone have any success with freezing?

by Lauraly

Example of Freezing to Kill Bed Bugs

Example of Freezing to Kill Bed Bugs

We moved into an apartment infested with bedbugs. We found them the first night, After 2 professional heat treatments, one crawled out of a box, onto my leg and I killed it. The strips placed in the "bug apartment" haven't turned up anything. The landlord wants to ensure they are indeed gone by placing all our items in a freezer for 5 days. Has anyone had any success with freezing, and what shouldn't be frozen?

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Hi Lauraly,

A home freezer is not cold enough to kill bed bugs. They need to be at 0 degrees F for 1 to 2 weeks (-18C). Once the freezer is closed it would have to stay that way for the entire duration. Other data shows that if a freezer is at -29 degrees (-34 C) is would kill bed bugs in 5 days.

Electronics are best put in a sealed container at room temperature for about 14 months.

There is a freezing approach that is safe for computers. It uses carbon dioxide snow to penetrate cracks where bed bugs might be hiding. It is chemical free and environmentally friendly. You can enter rooms immediately after treatment.

Treatment can be expensive, with costs for several rooms topping $2000 or more.

Best of luck,


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